VIG Makina was founded in 1991 and serves the market with its innovative technological applications from its production facilities in TR-Gebze. All VIG Paint systems are specifically designed to meet customer requirements for both color design and surface treatment of products, providing economically viable solutions with high quality.


Our company has a factory with a total area of 16,500 m2, including a building area of 8,200 m2 in Gebze, Kocaeli. There is another production facility in İzmir with a total area of 2,500 square meters, 1,300 m² production hall included. We have established another company in Poland called Euro VIG. Through this company we provide services in the EU area, mainly plant maintenance and operation for customers in Europe.

In 2020, the German subsidiary EURO VIG Deutschland GmbH was established in Holzgerlingen to provide technical support, equipment planning and quotation preparation services for the German and European market


One of the highest requirements of paint systems is to filter the paint particles (overspray) generated during the painting process and to provide the most suitable conditions for the painting process as a whole.

Paint sludge from wet scrubber systems is dehydrated by special centrifugal separators at to a nearly dry form. In this way, the environmental impact is significantly reduced. VIG Coating systems operate independently of climatic conditions. The quality of the product is guaranteed by providing the requested temperature, air flow and humidity.


VIG Makina can design, construct, supply and commission the following products and equipment according to the customer requirements:


- Pretreatment plants

- EC plants

- Conveyor systems

- Manual sandblasting booths

- Robotic sandblasting booths

- Spray booths

- Robotic painting booths

- Drying and curing ovens

- Complete painting plants


The tanks for the largest EC painting plant in Turkey by volume were built by VIG Makina. In addition, our company has built one of the first domestic robotic blasting plants in Turkey. To continue this important work, we have started to establish our own R&D unit and R&D production center. In our R&D center, we will carry out development activities for coating equipment and sandblasting systems.

In this facility, which we equip with robotic technology, we can carry out studies on treating and painting of parts with the latest technologies according to customer requirements.


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